Welcome to the Verse

Welcome to the Verse
June 24, 2018 Breslin Borland


Comedy, Science Fiction

About Welcome to the Verse

Welcome to the Verse is an improvised sci-fi comedy podcast that takes place in a world where travel between infinite realities is commonplace. Follow the day to day lives of two TransDimensional Security Agents as they screen incoming travelers for weapons, contraband, and most importantly, any liquids more than 3 oz. WARNING: Contains rich sound design, Orwellian undertones, surrealism, and explicit content. We recommend headphones, and starting from the beginning. Episodes release Thursdays weekly.


Who Should Listen:

Anybody who enjoys improv comedy, loose plot structure, and episodic continuity. Fans of podcasts like Mission to Zyxx and Hello From the Magic Tavern will feel right at home listening to Welcome to the Verse. If you enjoy creating fan art then this show has some great imagery for you.

Episode to Get Hooked on:

“Episode 1 – Welcome to the Verse”

Listen To The BEST Travel Podcast:

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