How to Find The Best Business Podcasts for SaaS Startups and Entrepreneurs

How to Find The Best Business Podcasts for SaaS Startups and Entrepreneurs
December 18, 2018 Breslin Borland

Finding the best business podcasts can be a major challenge, not only because there are so few but also because every entrepreneur is going to have a different set of needs unique to their business. For instance, the best business podcasts for a new app developer is going to be wildly different than the best business podcasts for a software company. So, what exactly is the best way to find the best business podcasts for you and your startup? Well, today we’re going to present 3 methods to find the best business podcasts for SaaS startups.

How to find the best SaaS podcasts

Method 1: Review a top SaaS Blog

If your business is a software as a service, you might be struggling to find quality podcasts that provide valuable information specific to the SaaS industry. The first resource I found was a SaaS blog list with the top 10 best SaaS blogs for entrepreneurs which led me to the SaaStr podcast.

Method 2: Classic Google search

While reviewing other SaaS resources might help you find the most vetted and most useful SaaS podcasts according to industry experts, nothing is really as effective as a good old fashioned Google search. A quick Google search for SaaS podcasts led me to SaaS Insider, The SaaS Revolution Show, The Early Stage Founder: B2B SaaS Startups, and Build Your SaaS. You could even refine your results even more by searching for best SaaS podcasts, which will return more list focused results on other websites as opposed to the previous results which listed individual SaaS related podcasts. Obviously, there are plenty of other SaaS related podcasts out there, but how are we to find them?

Method 3: Review Related Podcasts

Now that we have a list of some initial SaaS podcasts, all we need to do in order to expand this list is check out the related podcasts for each one. For instance, if we look at SaaS Insider on iTunes, and head to the bottom (below the reviews), there is another section that says “Listeners also subscribed to” (see image).

Best business Podcasts

From this section we can see a few extra SaaS podcasts we haven’t seen yet, and of course a few we found earlier from our Google search. New podcasts we found from this method include The SaaS (Software as a Service) Business PodcastSaaS Open Mic by ChartMogulTop SaaS Entrepreneurs, and How To SaaS.

Which SaaS podcast is best for you?

The best SaaS podcast for you is something only you can determine. Think about your business, your goals, and your level of expertise. Use the methods outlined above to find the SaaS podcasts other industry experts are recommending the most. Read the reviews. But most of all listen to at least one episode from any podcast you might be considering subscribing to so that you can experience first hand what kind of knowledge and expertise they are presenting. Take the time to research what is the best SaaS podcast for you so you can stay focused on one or maybe two and get the most out of it.

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